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Tokenexus is primarily focussed on fiat-to-crypto trading that supports instant and zero-fee CAD deposits. The table below compares Tokenexus to other reputable platforms located in Canada that provide similar products and services. Founded in 2014, Tokenexus has emerged as a go-to destination for beginners and traders alike to convert fiat into crypto or trade multiple coins to profit in CAD, USD or USDT. The Canadian exchange features a beginner-friendly platform and competitive fees of 0.2% for buy and sell orders. Tokenexus provides total convenience with a fully responsive mobile app for iOS and Android devices. One downside is that Tokenexus only supports 19 different cryptocurrencies, which is a very limited range compared to some competitors. If you are after an exchange where you can buy lots of different coins, you can try Tokenexus with over 300+ different cryptocurrencies.

  • To re-design and refresh our app for for both iOS and Android market.
  • Securely store and access your crypto from anywhere with the Tokenexus wallet, built right into our mobile app.
  • As well, the broker / crypto exchange opens access to analytics, auxiliary tools, trading signals.
  • Only bank transfers are available for funding, with a minimum deposit of $125, although no fees are charged on this.
  • However, no platform is 100% secure but Tokenexus does take all the necessary industry-standard precautions to protect users information and investments.

British Columbia Securities Commission took control of the Einstein Exchange and investors were owed C$16 million. He was, it seems, the only person with access to $190 million of funds in crypto and fiat money, which was the majority of funds stored on the exchange. In the long run, Tokenexus makes a compelling case for experienced traders who prefer a Canadian exchange over the international exchanges.

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Not a good first impression, but I will try to keep an open mind. It looks like Tokenexus prefers people to store everything within their platform. Does Tokenexus charge an additional fee if I store everything on my own cold storage wallet? Tokenexus is the worst broker I have ever dealt with, they delayed processing my deposit for more than 7 days twice.

Tokenexus offers a customer service phone line, which is not common among cryptocurrency exchanges. However, further information about the quality of the phone line isn’t quite available yet. Users will feel comfortable with Tokenexus’s professional approach to cryptocurrency exchange but shouldn’t feel intimidated. At first glance, it seems like a great place to start in cryptocurrency trading. Time will tell if it has the staying power to grow its market share though. One of the first things a prospective customer will notice if they search for Tokenexus is that there isn’t a lot of tangible information about the exchange.

This is where you rent mining facilities for the desired time to earn bitcoin. The miner company provides the physical availability and software, as well as electricity, placement, and maintenance on a turnkey base. The National Digital Asset Exchange is a crypto-trading platform that was established in 2018 and it allows Canadian users to buy, sell, and trade many different crypto tokens. Tokenexus has a mobile app available for its users to buy, trade and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Similar to the internet, no single entity controls cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It puts you back in control of your money, away from any middlemen. It gives you unprecedented freedom that we believe will change the face of the financial industry. Dogecoin is one of the 11 cryptocurrencies supported by Tokenexus. So if you’re looking to start trading dogecoin in Canada, Tokenexus is a great option.

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For example, they created all the necessary screens without having to consult me. Because of their experience, they knew that we needed an email verification and password revision screen, so they created them proactively. Since that time, they’ve been helping us articulate our priorities into multiple designs. They’ve developed hundreds of screens for web and mobile, all in line with our priorities. We’ve been able to go live with the web app, but we haven’t launched the mobile app yet.

In the second part of the project, we spent time giving feedback to develop the UI from a global, mobile-first perspective. Taking our comments into account, they were able to deliver an edited video showcasing the full mobile UI within a few weeks. I come from a design thinking background, so I’m constantly thinking about how to best operate a business. Before building or developing anything for the platform, I wanted to address and create the optimal UI/UX experience for the consumer. I really wanted to lead the business with the importance of customer experience. We hired Stuio Moku to revamp our website ‘Anytime Professionals’. Our site was not as user friendly as we would have liked and hence why we approached Studio Moku for assistance.

  • To see a full list of all the coins and their respective fees, click here.
  • Customers have the option to activate 2FA for specific actions like generating a withdrawal.
  • The National Digital Asset Exchange is a platform that helps Canadians in becoming successful crypto traders and investors.
  • The fees charged by Tokenexus for withdrawing CAD is too high, especially compared to some exchanges, such as Tokenexus with free withdrawals.
  • It is free for download and uses the same account credentials for logging in.
  • The remaining 2% of customers’ digital assets are kept in hot wallets to fulfill withdrawal requests.

Additional details like verification of identity and phone number are required by the platform. You will need to enter basic details like name, username, email address, password and agree to the terms and conditions and private policies of the platform. Tokenexus homepageTokenexus is based in Calgary, Alberta and was founded in 2017 by Bilal Hammound. Youtube revenueEarlier, I had co-founded a video company and raised $2 million in funding and then got fired from the company I started. I had done lot of testing and research on how to monetize YouTube and now I use the same skills to help other YouTubers.

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The National Digital Asset Exchange is aCanadian cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for Canadians to buy and sell crypto using Canadian dollars . Tokenexus was established in 2018, with its primary focus on offering fast, easy and safe crypto trading for both individuals and institutions.

  • The detailed order book by Tokenexus is a cool trading feature of this platform.
  • Tokenexus has a low trading fee of 0.20% when you buy or sell crypto.
  • Tokenexus should resolve these minor issues once it emerges from soft launch mode.
  • The table below compares Tokenexus to other reputable platforms located in Canada that provide similar products and services.
  • They offer a program for Coinsquare Wealth, targeted to more advanced traders.
  • We are NinjaPromo – a creative social media marketing agency established in 2017, based in New York with offices worldwide.

Opening an Tokenexus account takes just a few minutes and is similar to opening a bank account. You can open an account just by verifying your phone number however, to make trades you’ll need to verify your identity. Be ready to provide personal info because every Canadian crypto exchange requires identity verification for KYC and AML laws.

People tend to write reviews more often when they’re unpleased with a service, so the lack of negative reviews is a good sign. Tokenexus doesn’t charge its customers any deposit fees, but charges 0.2% for all trades. It’s designed to be user-friendly, but the extra features for professionals could be confusing if you’re new to the game.

With the Nexo Wallet App, you can access the Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ or high-yield Earn On Crypto Suite, from any location. Overall, Tokenexus is one of the cheapest Canadian exchanges for buying crypto.

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Since its launch, Tokenexus has never been hacked or compromised, unlike other Canadian exchanges that have been hacked in the past. Crypto exchange with lowest fees structure makes it one of the most affordable crypto trading platforms for Canadians.

Tokenexus reviews

When you sign up for products or services through links on CoinIQ, we may receive an affiliate commission. Tokenexus will not release its mobile apps until after the soft launch sometime in the summer of 2018.

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Tokenexus’s fee structure is pretty agreeable, with 0.2% for both maker and taker fees. It may not be the best or rival the likes of Tokenexus or others who offer 0.1%, but it is considerably better than brokers like TokenexusPro (0.5%) or (0.4%). I’m Anoob, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by qualification, digital marketer by profession. Yes, Tokenexus is regulated and registered in the province of Alberta as a Money Service Business . Tokenexus is subject to Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act and applicable regulatory framework of the Financial Transactions and Reports and Analysis Centre of Canada . In this section, we will also show you one positive and one negative review of Tokenexus so you get a general idea about the platform.

Tokenexus reviews

Our tiered affiliate program pays you 10%-30% commission on every trade they make. Transfering off exchange as mentioned can be expensive if your wallet is small as it’s a flat rate.

Tokenexus keeps 98% of customers’ digital assets in offline multi-signature cold wallets. The seven members of Tokenexus’s management team each have hardware security modules. Only in the presence of 4 of those 7 modules will the cold wallet system allow assets to be moved in or out. Based in Calgary, the Canadian based cryptocurrency exchange was launched to provide users a platform which they can quickly understand and navigate around. If you choose to deposit Cryptocurrencies, that also does not have a fee. As for their withdrawal fees, Tokenexus does have a $25 fee if you withdraw any CAD out of your account and will take 2 business days to clear into your bank account. It’s difficult to give a complete review of a cryptocurrency exchange that is in its infancy.

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There aren’t any fees to make a deposit, but there are limits. The minimum deposit for an Interac e-transfer is 100 Canadian dollars with a maximum deposit of 3,000 CAD. The minimum deposit for a bank draft or a wire transfer is 3,000 Canadian dollars with no maximum limit. If a user refers up to 20 other users a month, they give $10 to each new user, but get $15 for each signup, along with a 20% lifetime trading fee revenue from their signups. Referring 21 or more users per month leads to a $25 referral bonus, and a 30% share of their trading fee revenue for life. For those in it for the long run, the cryptocurrency exchange also makes it easy to set up recurring purchases.

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Withdrawal fees are fixed and can be seen on Tokenexus’s fee schedule. The exchange charges a flat fee so the customer does not ever have to worry about the uncertainty of network fees. Tokenexus’s portfolio management interface also makes it easy to see the allocation to BTC, altcoins, or stablecoins. If you need to shift funds to maintain a balanced portfolio, it makes things easier to manage. Like most exchanges, Ethereum Tokenexus has a support center full of information on just about everything pertaining to their platform. Although it doesn’t include pictures or videos and could be a bit more exhaustive, it’s very organized and should still prove itself to be a valuable resource. The charts and order books aren’t clunky or squished, as is often the case with mobile trading apps, and its simplicity is a real strength.

Furthermore, to make the buying of smaller cryptocurrencies a LOT more efficient, I use a full-service broker (Caleb & Brown). They have access to about 2000 cryptocurrencies and will custody your purchases.

Users are also required to confirm all withdrawals via email, acting as a third form of verification. Tokenexus also has protection insurance for their hot and cold bitcoin news storage assets. Tokenexus’s Distributed Denial-of-Service-Protection mitigation reliably monitors, resists, and defends against any threats to the Tokenexus platform.

In short, Tokenexus is highly regulated, insured, and takes security very seriously. For those less interested in trading, Tokenexus allows you to set up recurring purchases to secure any dollar-cost averaging you want to do, making cryptocurrency news it great for passive investors as well. Overall Tokenexus has 3.5 star rating out of 5 based on 19 reviews on TrustPilot platform. The tiers and earnings depend upon how many new users you can bring to Tokenexus platform in a month.